August 21, 2017


Horseback Riding Tour

Casa Carey's staff organised a few hours of horseback riding with El Rancho, located right in the premises of Punta Cana Resort. Riding on the same horse, our 5 and 6 year old grandsons came with us and  the instructor was there at all times. It was an amazing experience to ride right through the coast of the Resort and enjoy a nice sunset ride. I highly recommend El Rancho. The horses were very well kept. The kids were thrilled for sure.

Speed Boat and Snorkeling Tour

Casa Carey driver took us to the Bibijagua market in the Bavaro road near Punta Cana. We arrived at the Bibijagua Market where nice local music was playing and a group of local venders sells art and crafts. Extremely picturesque!  We did feel like shopping and Right on the beach, we contracted  a snorkelling and speed boat tour. The tour  guide approach us with a grand smile and explained the tour. He took us along the white sandy  coast beach of Bavaro  to a nice snorkelling spot. We were very surprised about the quality of marine like we saw. Definitely, a tour I would recommend.

Macao Surfing Experience

We stayed in Casa Carey back in early August and they arranged a surf lessons and lunch at Macao Surf Camp, a day-excursion we highly enjoyed!  What a fabulous experience!

I was nervous about trying surfing, but beginners are definitely welcome and encouraged there. The experience starts with a short lesson on the sand and then each of us had our own private instructor with us in the water. None of us have ever surfed and it was much easier to get and stay up than I imagined. There are two lessons of about 45 minutes each and in between they bring fresh coconut water and sliced mangoes to the group right on the beach.

The instructors are patient and kind. A videographer and photographer capture the entire experience, from the lesson on the sand to the surfing in the water. A video and digital photos are available for purchase afterwards. An optional lunch is also included where they prepare fresh fish to your taste. We had very good waves, but it would be a good idea to check before leaving to make sure the waves are ideal. The drive from the house from Punta Cana Beach resort is about half-and-hour.  I would definitely recommend giving this a try.