About us

LUXE GETAWAY RENTALS by Mag Group Properties

Founded in 2013, Luxe Getaway Rentals by Mag Group Properties , serves to provide an ultra-luxury, short-term villa rental experience, specially geared to those discerning travelers looking for an outstanding vacation on a Caribbean resort destination either on beach and magical setting. Whereas in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic; Dorado in Puerto Rico; or San Jean in St Barts, we offer limited premier properties and destinations since our clients are also limited.

Rather than serving everyone’s taste, and spreading ourselves too broad, we want to offer destinations, that we intimately know. We pick-and-choose the houses that truly represent our luxury branding.

W e want our clients to feel pampered and taken care-off from the first contact with us . We are looking for staff a nice level of service and that truly represents our luxury branding.